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3 glasses per dayHave 3 glasses of our special high protein Chocolate Milk. Breakfast, afternoon snack, & before dinner or for an evening snack. The protein replaces empty calories & snacks with fewer calories, so you lose weight.  Read More

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Real Stories, Real Results

I never had to watch my weight, but after 2 babies, I was up 45 pounds. I tried starving myself but couldn't lose weight! I was always hungry! The protein in The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet made all the difference. I was in control, not hungry. Now, all 45 pounds are gone.

Laura 32-year old mother of two

I was embarrassed. I weighed 198 pounds – 63 pounds over my weight 30 years ago. I had developed cholesterol and blood pressure problems. I wanted to lose, but I was afraid I would fail. Then my daughter raved about The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet. I went from size 16 to size 8.

Patricia A 62-year Old Retired Teacher

I had already scheduled an appointment with my doctor. Three days before the appointment I had the heart attack on the way to work. My life depended on losing weight and I didn't know what to do. I researched and found The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet on the Web. In 6 months, I lost 24 pounds!

Robert 57-Year Old, Recent Heart Attack Victim

I knew friends who gained the Freshman 15. I still didn't expect it myself. Studying late, high calorie coffees, pizza with friends, suddenly empty bags of cookies. The whole lifestyle. I needed an intervention! The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet. I use it in coffee, I have it instead of cookies. It works!

Sara A 18-Year Old College Freshman

When I got out, I started gaining weight, but convinced myself that it was muscle, not fat. Then the doctor said, "You are overweight." I needed a solution. I always thought protein was for weight gain, but when I heard about The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet, I tried it. I lost 5 pounds in my first month.

Chase A 38-year Old Former Marine

Medically Sound, for Serious Sustainable Success.


Research shows that when you increase your protein intake to 25% to 30% of your calories, you are less likely to be hungry, and more likely to lose weight. The average American diet is only 10% to 15% protein. Because the Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet is so much higher in protein, it brings up your overall percentage of calories from protein.

Average % of Protein in Diet

That helps crowd out hunger, and helps you lose weight.

The protein in The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet is outstanding for satiety – the feeling of not being hungry. Equally important, the protein in The Ideal Chocolate Milk Diet has a protein quality score of 100, the best score possible.